Introducing PivotExpertise

Introducing PivotExpertise


The Business Unit of PayInBits Convenience is now PivotExpertise Limited.

PayInBits Convenience has enjoyed tremendous goodwill from our clients and we understand that our clients are the focus of our business. We have evolved over time to serve our clients across various business verticals and individuals.

As part of our growth and core vision of providing convenient payment options to individuals and best value and support for businesses, we have expanded to give more focus to our business clients hence, the emergence of PivotExpertise Limited which will provide business solutions and Information Technology support services to you our clients and will enable us to serve you better while also consistently delivering on excellence, value and quality.

All existing business engagements and transactions with PayInBits Convenience will remain as PayInBits Convenience which is now fully focused on providing convenient payment solutions to individuals and businesses, while new business engagements will be served through PivotExpertise Limited. Both companies are positioned to serve your specific and general needs as may be required.

In the coming days, we look forward to working with you to further strengthen your business through the value you get from PivotExpertise Limited.

We appreciate every time spent with you and we wish you the very best in 2018.

Sincere Regards,

Onuk, Onuk
CEO/CTO PivotExpertise Limited